Tips for Identifying A Rodent Infestation

Pests cause a lot of problems and chaos. Therefore, it is necessary to keep them away from the house. The quality of life is affected by the presence of pests. Furthermore, the damage caused by them causes property damage as well. So, you should call pest control officials for removal of pests. Rodents love to live inside your house because they get food and shelter in your homes. Once they enter any home, then it becomes difficult to remove them. Rodents live inside pipelines, furniture, roofs, etc. and cause massive property damage.

Rodents carry harmful germs and viruses with them. Therefore, the chances of falling sick are very high. The diseases caused because of rodents are plague, hantavirus, etc. So, you should keep rodents away, to live a safe and healthy life.

Rodents enter your houses without any notice. Therefore, you should be ready to tackle their invasion. They enter any home silently and live inside places where they are not easily visible. A rodent infestation can happen at any time. Here are some of the tips and tricks for identifying a rodent infestation.

Tips for Identifying A Rodent Infestation

Are you unsure about if your house has rodents or not? In this article, we have listed down some of the steps and tips to recognize the presence of rodents.

  • Rodent droppings

Rodents urinate and defecate the place where they live. Therefore, one can find their droppings all over the place. Because of their droppings, a lousy smell is witnessed.

  • Allergies and Infections

The skin, hair, touch and bite of rodents cause various infections and allergies. So, if you are allergic to rodents, then it becomes easier to identify their infestation. Rodents also cause various diseases and health hazards. Therefore, it is better to keep them away.

  • Property damage

Rats and mice love eating wood, plastic and electric wire. The furniture, pipelines and electrical connections are damaged by them. So, you will find holes and bites in thin objects. Thus, it becomes easy to identify the infestation of rodents.

  • Unpleasant smell

When a rodent dies in a home, the rotting smell is very strong. One should call pest control workers in such a situation. Furthermore, their urine and droppings also give out a bad smell. Because of the smell, it becomes easy to identify the infestation of rodents.

  • Rodents sound

Rodents make a unique sound while chewing. When they walk over a roof, one can hear their footsteps. So, with the help of the sound, it becomes easy to recognize the presence of rodents.

  • Greasy stains

The fur of rodents is greasy. Thus, leaving stains and marks where they live. With the help of these stains, it becomes easy to identify the infestation of rodents.

  • Irregular behaviour of pets

Cats and dogs have a great sense of smell. Therefore, the presence of rodents causes behaviour change in pets. Cats love to hunt rodents, and dogs also behave oddly.

Call our professionals for rodent control

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How To Remove Different Kinds Of A Borer On Your Own?

Borers are beetles-like insects that would generally damage the wood. There are different types of borers such as a wood borer, ash borer, corn borer, and so on. You need to find out what kind of infestation is there in your home. If your furniture has got infected then you will have to take the relevant pest solutions ahead. This means that you should work towards borer control. Borers are found in many places and they may be in rural as well as urban areas.

You can use over-the-counter pesticides

If you are not willing to call for the pest control company then you will have to follow the remedies for borer control on your own. This means that you need to check out the best solutions. There are over-the-counter insecticides and pesticides available and you can use those for controlling the borers in the wooden bark around the home or within your furniture. But ideally, you should call the pest control company as this exercise might not work too quickly. You will have to spray this every 4 days.

Use Boric Acid Powder

If you come across just a few borers, you may not face a bug infestation. In that case, you can use the best solutions as using the boric acid in the area where they have started living. Once you sprinkle this, those few ones would come out, and then you can spray pesticides on them. This will kill them.

Do A Thorough Inspection Of Your Garden, Farm, And Backyard Too

If you wish to remove the borers on your own then you should take up monthly checking and inspection of your farm, garden, and premise. This will ensure that there is no infestation. If at all there is infestation then you should find out what species of borer is creating the problem. You should take action in that regard.

Remove Different Species With Different Methods

You should be able to identify the species and based on that there should be solutions. You can use the insecticide for powder post beetles. For wood boring weevil, you can use boric acid powder and the over-the-counter pesticide. For furniture beetles, you can take up preventive and curative borer control in your home. You can use baking soda powder on the wharf borer. But again, you will have to also get the pest treatment done.


There are many species in borers. If you suspect a borer infestation in or around your home then you will have to take the relevant measures. Talk to a reliable company and tell them to come and inspect the area. This will ensure that you get the best solutions. When the timber gets infested with the beat les or wood borers, you will have to get rid of the same, or else the infestation will spread. Also, there is a need to take the relevant actions that will work in your favor. You need someone to help you. Call us on our helpline number 02 6105 9139 to avail of the same day service and result oriented pest eviction like no one.

5 Most Important Things To Do If You Find A Wasp Nest

A high number of wasps can develop in nests near your home or garden. Wasps are considered to be far more violent than bees. They can bite you more time to safeguard their nests if disturbed. Wasps often attack humans when they feel a rise in the temperature or their nests become jammed. They show more aggression in autumn. Wasp nest removal is not so easy. They can construct their nests in trees, on the edges of roofs, or even inside your home too. 

It is essential to discover their nests as soon as possible due to safety reasons for yourself and your family members. Experts give the strong recommendation of contacting the best pest control service near you and to remove or treat this issue of wasp control and nest removal immediately. Below, we are going to answer your worry for “What To Do When You Find a Wasp Nest?”. And, by the end, you will be well-informed regarding this issue. 

Here Are What To Do When You Find a Wasp Nest:

  1. Remove The Nest If Possible

If you have any idea about the safe removal of the nest and wasp control then you can take this step. You must remember that wasps are dangerous for humans. But try this only when you are sure about your safety. One bite from wasp can lead to multiple complications for you. 

2. Approaching an exterminator

The first step is to look for vector control district professionals. But sometimes they are not easily available or they are incompetent to remove the nest. In such a situation, try finding an exterminator. They can look for the nest even at any hard to reach location such as inside a wall or beneath a slab of concrete.

3.Examine the kind of wasp’s nest 

It is good to check about the breed of wasp that is around you. It can help you with your planning about getting rid of it. A vector control district or the one who studies or has expertise in the branch of zoology can also help you in recognizing the type of wasps. Basically, there are three types of wasps: paper wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets. If it is not the dangerous one, you may think about their removal.

4.Be dressed in safe clothes

The protective clothes will save you from getting unwanted stings while removing the wasp’s nest. Cover your body with long jeans, socks, and boots, a hood pulled sweater, and gloves. You can also muffle a  scarf around your face. Cover your eyes with protective goggles. Wear old clothes while using a pesticide spray as the remains can get into the fabric. Dispose of the clothes after usage.

5.Avoid using a ladder to get to high nest

If the nest had been formed somewhere high for example on a high tree branch then avoid using a ladder as a swarm of wasps flies can attack upon you after disturbance, and you may fall injuring yourself. It is advised to call a professional. You can only try eradicating these nests if they seem easy for you to reach.

Still, Confused? Simple Is To Hire Experts

Here at Pest Control Narrabundah, we take the weight off the client’s shoulders for Wasp nest removal  Problem and leaves them happy and satisfied with the results. We care for our client’s issues and always want to do well with our customers. This is part of professional pride and personal ethics for our staff. We believe in doing a good job of wasp control and nest removal for our clients. This is the reason why our clients appreciate our professionalism and services.